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Official dealers for many big brands

Hi folks,

A quick update to confirm we are now official dealers for the following products and can offer big discounts!

We are dealers for:
KW Suspension
EBC Brakes
Goodridge brake lines
Carbon Speed
ASH hoses
Milltek exhaust systems  (secondary)
Pipercross air products
Remus exhausts
Piper Camshafts
Vmaxx Big Brake conversions
Vmaxx suspension

And many many more.

Conveniently located in Narberth, Pembrokeshire we are able to offer bespoke tuning packages such as performance remapping, services and repair.


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Myth Buster #4

Myth Buster #4

QUESTION: Are budget tyres as good as more expensive tyres?

ANSWER: Absolutely not.  Whilst budget tyres are ideal for keeping the cost of motoring down, cheap tyres can increase fuel consumption,  reduce vehicle stability, increase braking distances and potentially cause an accident.  Your tyres are the only physical contact between the road and your vehicle, once you lose traction it could be game over.

Dont scrimp on tyres folks, always buy a reputable brand and dont forget to read the wet tyre characteristics on the label!

Myth Buster #3

Bit later than usual but here goes Myth Buster #3

QUESTION: Why do some companies charge more money for stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 remaps, why should I pay more?

ANSWER: The short answer to this question is you should NOT pay anymore for a higher stage of tune!  Some unscrupulous companies charge higher prices for minor software modifications.  The good news is that we at Grease Monkey Automotive will NOT charge you any extra to tune your vehicle above so called “stage 1”.    
Contact us today for a price quote and power figures.

OBD remap usually just £170
Tricore or ECU removal remaps = £220

Christmas offer = save £10 on ALL remaps!

Myth buster #2

Myth Buster #2

QUESTION:  “does it matter which type of oil I put in my car?”

ANSWER: Absolutely,  failure to use the correct blend and grade of oil will accelerate engine wear,  reduce fuel economy and performance as well as the potential to cause huge repair bills!  
There are many different types of oil such as fully synthetic, semi synthetic, Castor, and mineral based.   Vehicles with a DPF filter must have the correct “Low Ash” oil to prevent the filter blocking prematurely.  We recommend you abide by the specified manufacturers Oil change and service intervals however vehicles that do short journeys or high mileage should be changed more frequently.    If you would like a quote tonserhice your vehicle please contact us 🙂

Pembrokeshire remapping Myth Buster #1

Every day for the next few weeks we are going to publish some of the most common questions we get asked, we will start off with a Myth Buster!

QUESTION “Is it possible that a remap can really increase my fuel economy by 50% ?”

ANSWER:  No!  anybody that tries to sell you a remap claiming you can save 50% on your fuel bill is lying! 
Our BlueOptimize economy remaps are dyno developed and proven to allow fuel savings of between 10%-22%. 

In fact our remapping software is the ONLY software to have achieved ISO certification and aknowledment of economy by the Department For Transport.  Its also why it is used my large fleets such as Royal Mail and British Telecoms!